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We Conduct Hearing Tests in Red Deer

Hearing loss happens gradually and hence, it becomes difficult to self-diagnose. You need not worry about your hearing problems when Hauck Vision & Hearing is here to help you. If you feel you are not able to hear properly, we can help.  We take pride in conducting professional hearing tests in Red Deer and the surrounding area. We listen to our patients and their concerns to provide personalized services. Our professionals are committed to helping you have a better quality of life with our advanced hearing solutions. Call us today to learn more about our services. We will be happy to help you.

Industrial Hearing Screening

Hearing damage is the effect of long-term exposure to loud noise. Apart from the general public, people who work in huge industries, factories, construction sites, mines and more are prone to hearing ailments. If you are working in any of these places, we recommend you to get your hearing tests done regularly to reduce major impacts and take necessary precautions. Also, it is important to use preventative measures like earplugs to prevent hearing loss. You can come to us when you want to get an industrial hearing screening done in Red Deer and the surrounding area.

Noise Protection Plugs

Noise protection plugs are nothing but devices that are used to protect your ear from loud noises. It is inserted in the ear canal to reduce the level of noise, intrusion of water or any sort of foreign bodies. These noise protection plugs can be great in many places such as commercial worksites, firework displays and more. If you want to choose from an array of earplugs in Red Deer, come to our facility today.

Hearing Aid Devices

Hearing loss can have a major impact on your day-to-day activities. If you are facing any hearing problems, consider coming to our store today in Red Deer to choose from a wide selection of hearing aids. Hearing aids help you pick up and amplify the sound around you. We will conduct the hearing test at our facility and help you choose the right device based on your requirements.

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